Bye bye Partnermanagement by Excel.
Hello ChannelPRM !

Get the lean and free Partner Relationship Management Solution by Channelxperts for Startups and SMBs.

No matter how big your business is, whenever you deal with partners, you're challenged to interact with your channel, to keep track of leads and deals, ensure the flow of information, and provide access to all the documents and media required. That's the basis for a trusted partnership. ChannelPRM provides the features you need as a manufacturer to get your partners up and running, manage deals, and evaluate all activity. Efficiently. Cloud-based. Immediately available.

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Facilitate the onboarding process for yourself and your partners by inviting existing and potential partners to the platform. Let them register, create their business profile and find any relevant information for getting started. You will benefit from automated workflows, tasks and notifications as well as from managing all partner profiles including program levels, business plans, contracts etc. in one place.



Avoid potential channel conflicts by letting your partners register their sales deals and collect all the custom information you require. Your partners will appreciate the quick and easy registration process, your feedback and assistance. The automated workflows help you to stay focused and to monitor your channel success.



Make your channel happy and provide all marketing resources flyer, videos, templates, guidelines, logos or price lists in your marketing library. Make sure to keep your partners informed, e.g. about events, news or promotions. Let either party benefit from the integrated MDF handling.



Get your partners in shape! Help them to be successful in selling your solutions by giving them access to webinars and on-site trainings as well as to presentations, documentation and links to your e-Learing offerings.



Benefit from your partner‘s expertise – communicate and collaborate with the specialists in your channel community. Ease the cooperation and exchange for these groups by offering closed workspaces to them.

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