User Interface Overhaul for the Channelplace PRM Platform

Modern, responsive design, enhanced reporting functionality and inline editing.

Landau - November 16, 2017 - channelXperts, a leading provider of partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, announces a complete user interface overhaul of Channelplace that improves usability for the mobile workforce and adds efficiency. Starting today, customers and interested parties can get insight into the upcoming changes. 

“We are looking forward to presenting Channelplace with a fresh, modern user interface to our customers“, says Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts. “Thanks to the revised user interface and user guidance, it will be even easier for companies to leverage the benefits when using our platform.“

The new user interface comes with the following new features:

Easy Bulk Editing

The new inline editing features makes it quicker and easier to update information when working through leads, opportunities, partners or sales support requests. This saves users time and simplifies the daily work in partner management. 

Enhanced Reporting-Functions

Reporting of business plans, partner projects and closures as well as the management of campaigns are of vital importance in channel management. With the new user interface, creating and sharing reports as well as data analysis becomes easier and more intuitive. 

Improved CMS Handling

Content managers and Web designers will benefit from improved HTML and script editors with automatic html tag recognition and color coding.

Responsive Design & Improved User Experience

The interfaces of Channelplace will be optimized for mobile phones and tablets, to be easily accessible from anywhere at any time. New layout options for forms facilitate data entry and improve display and readability.

Channelplace offers individual product-previews. Appointments can be requested here

Brett Roth