Dynamic Scaling based on active users is what sets us apart.

Traditional PRM solutions are priced by the total number of users in the system.  If a partner has 5 users, even though none of them even logged in during the month, the vendor is still charged for that user.


The ChannelOS Adaptive Pricing Model: 

  1. Choose an infrastructure size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

  2. Choose the applications you want

  3. Users are divided into two types and defined automatically on a monthly basis



These are people that are downloading co-branded marketing materials, or accessing partner-only technical content for example...they aren't creating content but rather they are users of it. These users are free each and every month.


These are users that are creating something on the portal...from registering a deal to posting a blog on the partner collaboration portal.  The ISV is charged monthly for these users.

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