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Business channels are complex ecosystems. Most players within your industry are interconnected and often collaborate and compete at the same time. However, only some of them contribute to your success. The way you manage and enable your partners is a key business differentiator but there are programs and incentives expected from you, that you cannot afford to miss. The question is: How can you comply with expected standards and differentiate yourself at the same time?

You need a digital platform to run your channel business that gives you all the expected options and the flexibility to tailor them to your brands and business model. A quick, agile platform that doesn't require hours of professional services to work effectively. And you don't want to pay for all the features you could use but you are not using (yet).

The platform you need is ChannelOS, the first solution that enables true end-to-end Channel 4.0. The 7 apps we ship with ChannelOS give you rich functionality and purpose-driven flexibility. And you can scale your channel platform as you scale your channel business.

ChannelOS brings Pay-Per-Use. While all functions are available, you pay only for the ones you use, during the months when they are actually used. This gives you the most flexible, affordable solution with a clearly determined return on investment.

ChannelOS enables Channel 4.0

Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0; How it makes your company more agile and ready to compete in today's fast-pased world. Now ChannelXperts brings that level of transformation to your channel sales and marketing. Not just a legacy PRM, but an operating system that, with the applications that are right for you, cover the entire spectrum of your channel sales and marketing needs. It's your one, agile, flexible end-to-end solution.


We built ChannelOS from the ground up to be the most comprehensive suite of software for every aspect of a channel ecosystem. The common underpinnings in the platform enables high customizability.

“ChannelXperts continues to innovate with its new PRM offering, ChannelOS. In addition to its bellwether administration capabilities and significant UI enhancements, ChannelOS sports the ability to support cloud partners, with its new Cloud Services Automation to provision and deliver SaaS products.”

~ Tim Harmon, Principal Analyst with Nuvello.

Explore the 7 apps inside ChannelOS

cOS_simple-OS.pngBusiness Planer
cOS_simple-buildit-opt2.pngPartner Onboarding
cOS_simple-OS.pngMarketing Automation
Sales ManagementSales Management
cOS_simple-OS.pngPartner Community
cOS_simple-OS.pngService Automation
Learning ManagementLearning Management

Business Planer

Business Planer

Business Planner allows you to set up business goals for your channel partners by tiers, regions, or whatever other criteria you choose. From there, this application helps all business managers monitor and act on performance triggers to make sure the channel business continues to thrive.


The Business Planner application helps you define what you want from your channel program. You'll be able to establish channel goals, determine how to measure success, and even determine how to find and attract and evaluate the right partners for your business.

Define campaigns that will help you reach your business goals and track each partner’s progress. Know where you are at any time with our Custom Performance Dashboard.

Manage MDF

Marketing Development Funds are a successful driver of channel sales. Using Business Planner, MDF can be tied to business objectives, and from this single application you can monitor accruals, respond to fund requests, and provide reimbursements to partners.

Produce Reports

Easily and quickly perform quarterly and annual business reviews against the metrics of your choice and business plans. Promote transparency with performance reports automatically sent to you and your partners. Any KPIs that are important to you and your business can be tracked, with smart routing and logic to alert you when certain indicators need attention.

Partner Onboarding

Partner Onboarding

The first impression is a lasting impression. That’s why the Partner Onboarding app is there to make it easy for your channel network to connect and flourish, and for you to manage thepartner operations.

Every partner program is unique

 You define your partner tiers, with requirements for each tier and the KPIs that will measure success. Using the included partner enablement workflows, checklists, and built-in automation, you define the route a reseller takes to become your partner. Ensure every partner is automatically linked to the right channel manager or resource.

The easiest onboarding experience.

It’s easy to increase partnerships with our click-through partner applications and built-in contract management. An easy-to-use embeddable Partner Finder is included. Decide what partners are in the finder and incentivize behavior.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Amplify your strongest messaging and latest news with the Marketing Automation app. Easily share co-branded material, create unique campaigns, and track the success of your partner marketing activities.

Get everyone to talk the talk.

Share all kinds of information with your partners: video, web content, email, etc.

With co-branded libraries and content syndication, partners can easily grab the latest pieces of marketing material with their logo and contact info automatically placed onto it. And not just printed marketing material. Email campaigns, and all kinds of social media posts are supported too. All of this can be segmented across the partners in any way you define.

Beyond just co-branded material, our content syndication feature allows partners to have a dynamically updated widget on their website that will display your latest news, events, and offers. Don't want all your partners to have the same information? You can also segment this information for a given duration by any segment you choose.

Track the walk.

Create and track the performance of campaigns to see which are getting the results you want. Create as many campaigns as you want, for any subset of partners you want for as long as you want. Through automated inbound lead distribution based on the rules you set, partners can automatically receive the leads they earn.

Sales Management

Sales Management

Get your arms around the entire sales cycle, and enable real growth in your channel business. The Sales Management app is built with this in mind, and helps you achieve success through a three-pronged approach.

Enable Your Partners

Partners can quickly and easily register sales deals or opportunities giving you all the custom information that you require to accept that request.

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine continually looks for potential conflicts, among partners and between partners and direct sales.

With one click Partner Managers can reject or approve deal registrations.

Facilitate quoting

Our new sales quoting tools means that partners can create quotes and proposals right in their portal. You can give partners access only to the products they can sell with your descriptions.

Different partner tiers can have different quote templates and uploading new sku's is as easy as uploading a .csv file. Partners can even accept orders right through the sales quoting module, making it even easier for your partners to do business with you.

EASY-TO-USE Custom Reporting

Now it's even easier to know what is happening in the channel. Create custom forecasts and more by partner, territory, or any other way you want to slice and dice your channel.

Partner Community

Partner Community

Finally, a built-in collaboration portal so your partners can stay connected, engaged and selling for you!

Partner Finder

Enable your partners to connect with others using our simple to use Partner Directories and Interests Groups which creates a partner directory based on competencies and areas of interest

Discussion Boards

Provide discussion boards with rating and voting. Now your partners can collaborate and discuss new feature requests or answers to common support questions. Even run an online partner conference.

Put out the APB

Promote and manage partner conferences and events simply and easily. Real-Time chat, voice, and video communications is included. (usage billed)

Shared Calendars

Provide an overview of all activities in your community calendars and maps. Now your partners really know what’s going on around them!

Service Automation


A full cloud services ordering, provisioning and delivery solution for your business means that you can enable your resellers to quickly and easily sell, and deliver your SaaS solution.

Instant provisioning

From the moment a customers orders from the reseller's portal, the SaaS solution is provisioned accurately and quickly, and then delivered to the customer in near real-time. Add new SaaS solutions quickly and easily with custom workflows, WebAPI and Callouts.

Monitor subscriptions

Be in the know. Know when customers are ready to renew. Know which partners are selling and delivering. Stay in the know. Get reporting not only from the Service Automation application but request reports from the partners, all through their one, comprehensive portal.

Learning Management


The best way to make sure your partners know the product is to enable continuing education with your own training and certifications. Provide a training calendar and make in-house training materials available for download. Do you use your own LMS? Then integrate it into ChannelOS and your partners can access it without media discontinuity.

Provide Training plans and documents

Get your partners in shape! Help them to be successful in selling your solutions by giving them access to webinars and on-site trainings as well as to presentations, documentation and links to your e-Learing offerings.

Integrate your own LMS

If you are using an LMS to educate your partners, use our interfaces we provide for all legacy Learning Managnement Systems. Therefore your partners will not need to jump from one application into another but can access all trainings and certifications via ChannelOS.

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Get a comprehensive demo of our end-to-end Channel 4.0 solution, ChannelOS. One of our product experts will guide you through the Seven applications, showing you how to get up and running quickly, and how to easily adapt the software for your particular needs.

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